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veronicaprof's Journal

25 November
Hm. I don't know why, but I hate this sort of thing.

I am mainly here on LJ to read and eventually post Star Wars fanfic - especially featuring the Sith, and especially featuring Sith-on-Sith sexual tension and (the very rare!) consummation. Politics and psychodrama and angst in the fic are also imperative! This is all part of my "secret" life, while my publicly known life is as an historian. See below.

I'm a professor of U.S. and women's/gender history at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, where I've been for seven years, and just received tenure and my first sabbatical! I especially like to teach/research/write in the areas of 20th-century U.S. history; the history of social movements, fringe groups, utopian visions, radical politics, and alternative communities in the U.S.; and also the histories of gender relations/roles and human sexuality. 20th-Century popular culture is also one of my fields of analysis.

I teach courses on women's history, the 1920s-1980s, the cold war and cold war espionage, "notorious women," race relations and civil rights, and am presently revising my dissertation into a book manuscript on cold war espionage and gender relations. I've published several articles on cold war spies, lynchings and civil rights, women's history, and scholarly studies of popular culture. I have fledgling projects underway now dealing with some of the women in the life of architectural genius Frank Lloyd Wright, and also with women radicals in the American Great Plains.

I love nearly all sorts of music, and used to play the piano - my hope is to resume one day soon, when I've managed to purchase a piano of my own. I write fanfic in my secret non-historical life, and also am a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture show as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, true crime shows, and Dark Shadows. My guiltiest pleasure by far, however, is the soap opera Days of Our Lives! In fact I had a colleague, recently deceased (sadly), who would have had a fit had she known about any of the above, except the piano....

I also love to garden, to cook exotic food (although I rarely do so), and to travel. I do far less of these things than I would like, however. Limited time and money and energy. The biggest challenge is lack of spare time in which to participate in these leisure activities.

Long ago I wrote about 25 Star Wars fanfic stories and about 15 poems -- many of the fics were/are quite long indeed, and I am still adding slowly to the repertoire. When I've had time to figure out more about LJ, I hope to post some of the fics -- including ones I'm still currently writing (slowly). I focus almost entirely on the "bad guys" and on my interpretation of events and characters originally introduced to us in the original trilogy. (No, I don't particularly care for the new trilogy of films.)

I am fortunate to be "married to" my best friend and soul-mate (my high school pen pal, in fact, reunited with me about 17 years ago). Without my partner (my champion through many of life's crises), little of the above would be possible. She is struggling with serious autoimmune and related metabolic illnesses, but after we waged long battles with bureaucracies, and in the courts, and after multiple appeals, we won Social Security disability. My partner is now also an editor (working at home is a must!) of erotic/romance fiction with a leading online e-publisher, and co-authors some of my fanfic.

My family is scattered across the Midwest, and my partner's family is here in this state. We try to see relatives and friends as much as distance and time allow. We adore our two cats, and I will buy a house soon -- shortly followed by my long-awaited Westie terrier...

All in all, I am a very lucky girl.